Peter's Web Gallery (Thumbnailshow and Slideshow) 

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Why a own thumbnailshow and slideshow in the WWW ?
There are Dropbox, Google-Fotos, OneDrive, and many other cloud providers.
Anybody, happy with these services, OK, stop reading this.
But also all others, who are only interested in local slideshows on their computer, are not affected.
The screenshots above are from the following web gallery.

 Why I've decided to implement my own web gallery ? 

I organize and edit all my images with Adobe Lightroom.
The images will be enhanced with metadata like title, description, rating, keywords, copyright info, ....
Many informations has supplied the camera, p.e. the shooting time.
Depending on the camera, also GPS location data has been recorded, from this the dedicated location can be determined.
If the digicam doesn't support this, but you have a GPS-Track in .gpx-format, you can add the GPS location data to the images, either with Lightroom or p.e. with GeoSetter.
Lightroom can generate nice slideshows from the selected images, optional as .pdf, .mp4 or .jpg.
As title (above) or caption (below) selected metadata can be displayed, an example
Lightroom also offers some web galleries, but these cannot be adopted to personal needs.
Also in the WWW I didn't find a web gallery, which fits my requirements.
The most important is beside the functionality the effort to generate a thumbshow and a slideshow with many of images.

 Decisive for me was: 
 So I've started to program, but there is no need to reinvent the whole stuff: 

 Arguments for the personal use 

 Implemented functionality 

 Requirements, Conventions 

 Evaluated browsers and platforms (up-to-date versions) 

 Short instructions for personal usage 

Feel free to use this software private, that means, without any commercial interest.
Please check also the rights of the used libraries, mentioned above.
If you use this software, you accept, that there ist no service, no guarantee, no warranty, you use it at your own risk.

 The most important settings in 'slideShowParams.bat' 

Sample values are defined:

 Description of supported metadata 

Which metadata are in your images? This depends on your digicam und your image editing software.
Following selection from the EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata is supported:


    • name:       image name                    (special case)
    • title:      image title                   (XMP | IPTC)
    • headline:   image headline                (XMP | IPTC)
    • desc:       image description, caption    (XMP | IPTC | EXIF)
    • rights:     copyright                     (XMP | IPTC | EXIF)
    • date:       shooting date                 (EXIF)
    • time:       shooting time                 (EXIF)
    • make:       camera manufacturer           (EXIF)
    • model:      camera model                  (EXIF)
    • artist:     photographer                  (EXIF)
    • focalLen:   lens focal length             (EXIF)
    • fNumber:    lens aperture                 (EXIF)
    • subjDist:   subject distance              (EXIF)
    • expTime:    exposure time                 (EXIF)
    • expBias:    exposure bias                 (EXIF)
    • ISOSpeed:   ISO speed                     (EXIF)
    • pixelX:     image width                   (EXIF)
    • pixelY:     image height                  (EXIF)
    • latGrad:    GPS latitude                  (EXIF)
    • lonGrad:    GPS longitude                 (EXIF)
    • ele:        GPS elevation                 (EXIF)
    • country:    country                       (XMP | IPTC)
    • province:   province                      (XMP | IPTC)
    • city:       city                          (XMP | IPTC)
    • rating:     rating, p.e.: "4"             (XMP)
    • label:      label, p.e.: "green"          (XMP)
    • exifVers:   EXIF version                  (EXIF)
    • creaTool:   software, p.e.: Lightroom     (XMP)